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Glance.Intuit.Com: Are you searching for online help regarding Glance Intuit? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Having used the website for a considerable time, I’m eager to share my knowledge with you. Please read each topic thoroughly to fully understand Glance Intuit software.

Glance Intuit plays a crucial role by enabling face-to-face interactions through clear visuals, making explanations easier and solutions more attainable. This software enhances the customer care experience, allowing QuickBooks Online and Intuit ProConnect users to share screens remotely with an Intuit agent. With Glance Intuit, you can confidently allow an agent to take control of your computer to provide a professional and viable solution. You can also share your screen with tax experts with the help of this software.

Let’s begin with the download process so that you can acquire the software for Windows and Mac. After downloading Glance Intuit, we can proceed with the remote access process. I assure you, based on my personal experience that this software functions excellently.

How To Download Glance Intuit On Windows?

Glance is a delight for the users, and rightly so, as it works on most of all current Windows.

Let’s now take a look at the process of downloading Glance Intuit on Windows:-

  • Open the following website, and you can note that an automatic download starts immediately. The rapid process takes a few seconds and is entirely normal.
  • After completing the download, go to the downloads folder and click the GlanceGuestSetup.exe file to start the installation download.
install glance intuit
  • Follow the prompts that you witness on the Screen. They are straightforward and quick, and you will feel happy to install Glance without any problems successfully.

As the installation is successful, it is time for you to connect with the Intuit Agent, so open the Glance Guest Software application.

This is when you need to contact one of their agents to get code for authorizing a Glance Intuit remote session.

Once you do, you can share the Screen where the person, on the other hand, has full access to your computer.

Download Glance.Intuit.Com For Mac

  • Install Glance Intuit for Mac by visiting
  • Glance ZIP file automatically opens once it is completely downloaded.

Few steps that a user needs to follow to install it:-

  • Enter the credentials in the form of a Glance Address and Password.
  • Click “Log In”.
  • After the installation is complete, it will show its visual significance through the logo on your dock and menu bar.

Glance.Intuit.Com Remote Session Guide

  • Visit There will be an auto download of a zip file.
  • To open the file, select download, followed by selecting Click here to start Glance.
  • In the third step, you have to Select Open Glance Guest as and when you are prompted to.
  • As part of the final step, your QuickBooks Support care needs the code you will share with them so they can join the session.
  • This is how, within a few seconds, your pending queries can get professional assistance without undergoing a cumbersome process.

How To Share Screen Using Glance Intuit?

Remote screen sharing is very easy at a glance. Once you finish the installation process of Glance, then you can open this flagship software.

Glance is one of the leading screen sharing applications and this also provides screen-sharing support services. Glance.Intuit.Com allows you to share or take remote control of someone’s desktop.

Remote screen sharing requires a safety mechanism that makes it compulsory for only the authorized person to share the Screen with anyone they want to. This is a part of the careful procedure that entails no room for any discrepancy arising from misuse or wrong sharing of the Screen. 

Hence, there is a code that needs to be shared with the other person whom you want. This is an excellent way of removing any loophole that may otherwise create a danger for the person considering the laptop access that one gives through the same. 

  • As a safety feature, tell the code to the Intuit QuickBooks Online or Pro Connect Agent that you are connected to on a call
  • Now, the agent will use the code to connect with you on a remote session. Besides viewing the screen “live”, the agent can also control the Screen based on the full access you give to him.
  • This is one of the best screen-sharing software available in the market.

How To Use Glance For Desktop Sharing With QuickBook Supports?

Quickbooks is an accounting software for small businesses. Quickbooks offers various accounting-related services. Sometimes customers of quickbooks® are not able to do the job correctly so they have to see your screen. If the customers are facing QuickBooks-related issues then also this software suite is really helpful to share your screen with experts.

Follow the steps below to download and share your screen with the software

  • Open and click on the download button from the website. The download will start automatically and you can check the download folders from your PC, or laptop to locate the glance file in your downloads folder.
  • Once you download the screen-sharing software, you need to double-click on it, so that it will start.
  • To use this live screen-sharing software, once you open it, you will find a 5-digit code that you have to share with QuickBooks experts so they can take over your desktop.
  • This will provide live remote of your desktop and they will be able to provide help. Let experts view what is the issue.
  • There are many software companies in the market which does the same job but this is very helpful for QuickBooks Pro and proconnect®. 
  • Users can share screens safely with the experts to complete the task.
  • This is also helpful for proconnect tax online. Customer satisfaction is offered by Intuit.
  • This software works on mobile phones as well. To get help with QuickBooks, this is one of the best options.

Can We Use Glance Intuit For Remote Access To QuickBooks?

People who are struggling to use QuickBooks or Turbotax, can use this software. Yes, we can use software for Quickbooks. You can share your desktop session with QuickBooks support experts using this software.

How Does Glance Intuit Relate To VoIP?

Glance Intuit appears to blend seamlessly with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), suggesting a convergence of collaborative technology and financial prowess. While “Glance” hints at screen sharing capabilities vital for virtual collaboration, “Intuit” brings in the financial expertise of Intuit Inc. This amalgamation could signify an innovative solution, potentially integrating intuitive financial tools with the communicative power of VoIP. In the evolving landscape of digital communication, Glance Intuit holds the promise of redefining the synergy between efficient collaboration and real-time financial insights. The intersection of these elements could offer exciting possibilities for businesses and professionals seeking integrated functionalities in the digital age.

How To Fix Glance Intuit Not Working Issue?

If you are facing an issue while download or remote access related then you must check our guide on glance intuit not working.

Glance Intuit Customer Support Help, Phone Number

If you want to connect with customer care then kindly refer below table to get to know about their email, phone number, etc. Connect with them and get your doubts, and issues resolved.

Email[email protected]
Intuit Support Number1-800-446-8848
Glance Intuit Online Help Troubleshooting
Glance Intuit Contact Page

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Glance Intuit Screen Sharing Operate?

The screen sharing feature gives you the easiest way to share the Screen with the Intuit agent and ask for required assistance, thanks to the high-clarity video. Thus, compared to traditional methods of addressing concerns, screen sharing gives complete help quickly.

Is It Safe To Share Screen Space Remotely From My Computer?

Sharing screens remotely for support has become quite common in today’s era. Even renowned brands like Microsoft depend on the feature to support needy people. An esteemed company such as Intuit offers complete peace of mind where screen sharing shouldn’t be a concern. Your queries find the best possible solution from the experienced agent available. If, at any point in time, you are in doubt or feel that something is fishy, you can quickly stop sharing the remote access as well. 

Can I Export The Information Or Details Regarding The Glance Screen Share Session?

Glance, a professionally viable and centric application, values the importance of specific tasks where you can export session details as a .csv (comma-separated value) text file. Now, you can import the file to one or all people in the group, irrespective of any period. 

Can People Transfer Files Through Glance Intuit?

No, there isn’t any way to transfer files. All the guests making a direct connection with each other through the application are assured that no one can send files while in the session. This is just an added mechanism to remove confusion. You can send files through email attachments through the traditional method or let the guest receive them through your website. 

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Calls I Can Take On A Free Glance Phone?

Not at all. Starting with one call at a time, it is up to you to host as many calls as you need, irrespective of the total number.”

Can I Record A Session With Glance.Intuit.Com?

Yes, you can record your screen using the software. Ensure that you have granted the necessary permissions for screen recording within the software. Check System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording for more details.

What Are The Criteria For Getting A Free Glance Phone Conferencing Account?

Every single Glance user is supposed to get a Glance phone conferencing account. Log in to “My Account” and click the “Audio” tab to learn about your permanent dial-in number and pin. If you still don’t find it, update the concerned staff with the email. 

What Kind Of Space Does Glance Take?

Glance during the off session occupies or uses virtual memory at par with any instant messaging icon under 5MB. However, when in session, it needs between 15 and 20 MB, as the space is enough that is similar to the requirement of a multimedia player 

Does Glance Intuit Work On Mobile Phones?

The Glance Intuit software doesn’t work on mobile phones yet. Glance network has its app but it is not integrated with glance intuit.

I trust that I’ve provided comprehensive information about Glance Intuit. If you have any remaining questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

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