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As per its name, glance intuit remote session can share the screen with anyone during a telephonic conversation. Hence, there are certain situations where an audio call isn’t enough to assess the solution properly, so remotely sharing the screen is a feature where the person on the other end may access your screen.

 Glance Intuit Remote

How Do I Share My Screen On Glance?

  • Visit
  • You can see a zip download that will auto-download.
  • You click on Download to open, followed by selecting “Click Here” to Start Glance.
  • Now, in the next step, select “Open Glance Guest.”
  • As all the steps are duly followed and successfully dealt with, you can now give the code to the expert or guests for them to join the session initiated by you. 

In short, it offers a more straightforward yet advanced way to be close and personal with anyone or everyone you want. Initiating the glance Intuit session takes a few minutes, so no long waits or technicalities will demoralize you or force you to think twice. The whole process is so smooth and fast that you eventually develop the taste and habit for the app, where no one else can do justice to your requirements so professionally. There are also no issues while having a face-to-face conversation. So with Glance, ‘distance’ doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the consumers get their queries solved with professionalism away from long issues arising from disconnection, bad connection, or lack of clear video where explanation may be complicated or next to impossible. So, once you have finally set up the whole process, there are the following few steps needed:-

The icon “G” will be visible to you (beside the clock) in the screen’s corner.

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There are two kinds of sessions, and your choice will be based on the one you are looking to start.

How To Share Your remote Desktop With Guest

Sharing your desktop with a guest

Based on your acceptance to show your screen, your guests are saved from any technical formalities, such as downloading the software, etc, for viewing your screen. As the process of sharing is underway, a border is drawn around the screen, signifying the same. 

Viewing the screen of the guest

You can either use remote control or not, based on your choice, to allow access to guests accordingly. For example, if you select “View Only”, you can give access to the screen to the guests without the remote control. If you use “View and Control”, your guests get full access to your screen.

The moment you begin, a session info box tells the directions to join along with the information about the strength of the total guests connected. 

The box can be minimized; to bring it back, click on the G icon.

An essential tip to here

The first guest has to join within ten minutes. Failure to which the session will be timed out

How To Invite Guests to Share Screen Using Glance Intuit?

A person on the phone can invite guests. All you have to do is to follow the directions while going under Invite Guests on the Session Infobox. 

There are buttons visible to you below the directions for you to send session details to the guests accordingly.

The copy button is meant to copy the details of the session to a clipboard so that it is easy for you to paste them into another communication service.

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The envelope button technically functions in the way that it opens the default email client, where it drafts a message that consists of a link for others to join the session.

Once the guests can access the URL that you want them to, then here is a similar situation that is shown in the below image for more clarity

You must enter the Session Key and click “Join Session” to connect with the guests. If the session is meant to view the screen, they are required to download the Glance Guest Software.

In all the above processes, you will realize that every step needs more technicalities or challenges that may make the process challenging. The app offers self-explanatory steps that anyone with primary computer language can easily understand. After all, no words can justify the satisfaction you can experience after getting your professional necessities addressed ideally. It is this aspect that an increasing number of visitors are becoming the proud customers of Glance. There are additional features that the guests can derive benefits and moments of ease:-

Allow Remote Control

Based on the need, if you want the viewers to control the screen remotely, you can turn “on” the remote control option. This ensures that they have additional control or power, as it is denoted by an orange dot, which appears over the cursor.

The screen of a specific person that is shown or visible has priority control over the rest. To make the app more meaningful, the moment they type in or move the mouse, other viewers are expected to listen and watch, so they can’t take control of that moment. However, they can undoubtedly control it again right at the time when the person stops.

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There are following steps that you need to follow if you want to turn off the remote control.

Click the G icon, if Glance is minimized

In the next step, Click the “Arrow” icon

glance intuit screen sharing

To understand the broader technical specifications, the arrow icon has a white outline when the guest has the power to use the remote control, and it is turned off. If the remote control is turned ON, the icon is denoted by a red outline.

If you feel that Glance users don’t need to use a remote control at any point, it is straightforward to turn it off the same. 

Essential Tips to follow:-

When the remote control is active, users can fully access your computer. So the best advice to save you from embarrassment is never to leave the computer idle during the Glance session, especially when the remote control is active. For this reason, you don’t leave windows with confidential information open. After all, in the online world, you must be cautious and alert to save yourself from embarrassment. 

Is Glance Intuit Safe and Secure for Remote Sessions?

Yes, Glance Intuit remote access is safe and secure for remote sessions. With its advanced security features, such as end-to-end encryption and controlled access, users can have peace of mind while accessing their data remotely. Glance Intuit ensures that sensitive information remains protected during remote sessions.

Ending Session

After the conversation, click on the “END Button” As this marks the session’s closure for the viewer and the client. 

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